What type of apartment can I buy in New York?

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Lindstead Property is a part of Lindstead Property Konstantin Zaliznyak’s marketing and marketing campaigns in New York, and what you need to focus on when choosing a property.

New York is a landlord. Here 64% rent housing. The remaining 36% were shared by condominiums – 6%, 12% cooperatives and 18% for multi-apartment units. Changes to Statistics outside of New York: More than 65% of households have their own homes.

New York Real Estate Models

1. Cooperative associations are

solely the Board of Consul’s residents, sometimes condoms (so rarely) that they have the full right to purchase a cartridge from those who want to purchase a cartridge. Likewise, members of the House may not make such a decision.

When you purchase a partner property, the buyer does not own the property by itself, but will participate in the corporation. It is a house for a corporation to buy an apartment.

For example, the Dotta was built in 1900. Today, a five-page apartment is $ 39 million in this house. One studio apartment sold for $ 8 million for $ 1 million.

One of the major benefits of buying a house in a joint venture is that the collective co-operation standards are far more than expected by the bank, so the risk of defaulting to such real estate is minimal. It will not be the truth.

It is noteworthy that the teams were created historically according to the principle of personal clubs. In order to purchase an apartment in an apartment, the buyer must: (

1) provide the full list of income or as we do: The buyer must “be financially viable.”

2) Interview with the Tenants Union. Most of my customers are working and working in New York, and their customers are the home. Important debate for board members.

2.condominium houses in the

When buyingCondominium, you have more freedom. At this time, the Tenants Union does not have the right to purchase housing. Legal and Legal entity.

This home is very popular for investors and buyers who want to hide our identity. I had very wealthy customers. They bought a house in the communion. These customers have real estate in different cities and countries. Customers with this type of income need a lot of security and a surplus.

One of the most well-known sites is 57 Manhattan. The 58-million-dollar US $ 49 million, four-storey, four-story apartment in this mansion offers 83.5 million dollars. The cheapest one-bedroom apartment on the 39th floor is $ 4 million, $ 950 thousand.

There were also a number of my clients, but they were involved in unknown marketing at all times. Today I believe that many parents in Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Belarus, and Abidjan are in the process of buying their children in the United States.

3. Private Housesare

Therecurrently no private homes (different items) in New York. Such possessions are becoming increasingly difficult.

But there are footpaths. This type of residence is popular with vendors who require large homes. People are very popular among theaters. For example, Russia’s Oregon Roman Armed Forces or the Revolutionary Monsoon. They buy many houses together to unite them and to equip the court.

The original value of a hedge is approximately $ 5 million. However, this is a home that requires major repairs. But improved homes cost a lot of money. For example, in New York City, Vincent’s villa was sold at $ 114 million.

Between Manhattan. Up to 8 East 62nd Street, the house sells for $ 84.5 million.

4. “Accelerated” home, or compactcomp

condom, is a fight between a condom and a combination. This type of property is divided into two sections. The building’s residential unit is the second, and the second is retail businesses that are used by shops, offices, and so on.

In such buildings they are bought in an apartment in an apartment.

However, they will not be able to purchase a homeowner’s home in this way.

One of the most popular condoms in Manhattan is -110 Central Park South.

The most expensive five-story apartment on the 17th floor sells for $ 16 million. The most expensive single-bedded apartment on the 20th floor generates $ 5.5 million.

It is important to remember that there are different types of differences and differences that specialists can understand when purchasing any type of dwelling.

The housing market Today and the future forecastmarket

of buying New York property is the most important and most importantly important feature of the.

Starting in 1946, the house price was only 3 times. For example, when a financial crisis occurred in the 1970s. Then more than a million people left the city. Second time in 90-E when there was a failure on the company exchange. One more time is the 2008 financial crisis.

After every matter, the market has been improved in a few years. Often, prices were higher than the pre-economic times.

With such stability there is a second-high quality market in homes – this is a demand. People around the world are one of the few cities in the world that want to live and work.

The only negative aspect I see in the market is the high price. So, to buy property in New York, not everyone, for everyone. As prices are rising, some buyers go shopping in other cities and territories. The price is sometimes afforded.

Why isto buy apartments in New York?

it importantYes, the answer is yes. Moreover, this is very important in 2016. Just look at the global economic situation.

About the forecast, the highest (market value of $ 10 million or more) decreases. The supply is a little higher – because there is more demand, but there is more supply.

Average market price (US $ 1 to 3 million US house price) will grow steadily. The domestic economy is growing, and more jobs are being created. People find it harder for them to live better, and they may have more convenience than their home.

In 2015, all the 47,000 buildings in New York were completed. Real-estate purchase and sales paid off to $ 42.4 billion. Growth is impressive. At the end of 2014 it was $ 39.9 billion.

I personally think 40% of French speakers speak. Of these, 50 percent are from the former USSR. I live in my homeland and invest in New York Real Estate. Simply put, people invest in their money at home. And in New York, this means that it is stable and profitable in the near future.

Our people are everywhere! I could not identify specific areas of Russian-owned property purchases. Russian speech can be heard anywhere in New York.

The most expensive and more accessible places

are the “huge billions” of the most expensive real estate in the state of Riyadh. This is part of the Mahatane section between the 8 Veneto and Parv Avenue.

57 is 57th Street. This is in the very expensive Mahatán. There are two-story apartment floors of 75 to 76-story highs for $ 91 million and a $ 100 million house. So it was the first apartment to cross a hundred million square meters of storage space.

In addition, 57 projects in 57 572 Parkway, 432 Parkway, 520 Parkway and 220 Centennial are being completed.

There are some very unusual options in high school.

11 There are miles of miles to the north side of Merestr.

35, north of Mire Street,

443 Greenwich Road,

at affordable prices.

Yorkville is far from the eastern part of the east, from 79 to 97 and east to the east.

Condominium units in the City of York


$ 619 thousand

one-unit apartments – $ 937.5 thousand

in two rooms – $ 1 million 976 275

two-bedroom apartment – $ 2 million 900 thousand


– Studio – $

Studio apartment – $ 575 thousand

one-bedroom apartment – $ 1 million 450,000

Two-Bedroom Apartment – $ 2 million 577 thousand

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