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Rent or buy a studio apartment in New York


Price range: 400 thousand – 1 million 
Rango de precios: 400k – 1 millón 
Studio apartment – one-room apartment with bathroom. Such apartments often have open kitchens, although in some you can find a separate kitchen. They can vary in size and have a dressing room or a separate dining area. The studio apartment with the alcove is a more spacious apartment, which has a separate dining area or bedroom and often has a “L” -shaped layout..

Rent an apartment in New York


Rental price range: 2,500 – 10,000 US dollars 
Price range: 750 thousand – 5 million 
In one-bedroom apartments, the bedroom and living room are separated. Some of these apartments have a separate kitchen, and some of them can be accessed directly from the living room. A full two-bedroom apartment or a “real 2-bedroom apartment” has two bedrooms, as well as a living room and may or may not have a separate kitchen. The sizes of rooms can vary: in the apartment there can be one, one and a half or 2 bathrooms. 

Rent a penthouse in new york


Price range: $ 10,000 – $ 30,000. 
Rental price range: 2.5 million – 10 million. 
Penthouse is an apartment located on the top floors of an apartment building. Penthouses usually differ from other apartments in luxury and large open space. The term “penthouse” originated in the 1920s and refers to a separately located smaller “house” built on the roof of an apartment building and located inside the outer walls. 

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Price range: $ 5.000 – $ 15.000 
Rental price range: 1 millón – 4 million 
Loft is a large open space with several walls or no walls inside the room at all, high ceilings and very large windows. Originally, lofts were the result of the transformation of commercial buildings into residential buildings. Today, such apartments are a very popular choice. Lofts are mainly located in commercial districts, although this concept has also become popular in many luxury new buildings located in residential areas.

Rent a family apartment in New York


Price range: $ 7.500 – $ 25,000 
Rental price range: 2.5 million – 10 million 
Family apartments require 3 or more rooms to accommodate families with children. “Classic 6” is a 3-room apartment, which was originally designed as a two-bedroom apartment, a maid’s room, a full-fledged dining room, a living room, a separate kitchen and 2.5 – 3 bathrooms. 

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Price range: $ 15.000 – $ 100,000. 
Rental price range: 5 million – 25 million. 
Townhouse is an ideal housing option for those who value privacy within the city. This term originally referred to the urban residences of members of aristocratic families. This is a kind of autonomous style of living. Usually, but not necessarily, in such buildings there is a terrace (a house of interlocked type). Due to the high popularity and advantages of privacy, townhouses tend to be more expensive than renting a typical apartment in New York. 

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