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How about your own patio overlooking the Statue of Liberty? As soon as the first spring sun begins to warm the parks near the river, Battery Park becomes a huge playground. Special installations and water-repellent holes in the ground make the park irresistible for children and parents. With a population of only 10,000 people living here on 92 acres of land, Battery Park attracts people with incomes above average. Additional attraction of this place adds the fact that just a few minutes from Battery Park are the best public schools in New York. Renting a two-bedroom apartment costs about $ 5,000 and, if lucky, you can buy a two-bedroom apartment for about $ 925,000.

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To the north of the Battery Park is Traybeka neighborhood. The area is attractive to many public schools, the Montessori system, large apartments and proximity to Hudson River Park and the waterfront, and Public School No. 234 has earned an impeccable reputation as the best public school in the city. The north-western part of the neighborhood has become very popular among families due to the restrained charm and extraordinary sensations that you experience being here. Many restaurants, as well as Whole Foods, have made Greenwich Street the main street of the district. In this area, really high prices for real estate. Lofts and luxury new buildings are common here, the prices of apartments in which vary from 3 to 6 million US dollars. Renting is possible, but difficult, since most of the apartments for rent are available through apartment owners, and not through homeowners. Do not count on rent below $ 10,000 / month for a three-room apartment. Again, moving to the Financial District is an easy step, and shops in Soho will satisfy all your needs.

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The Upper West Side is filled with cultural attractions for both adults and children. To complement the picture of children’s school education, you can take them to the American Museum of Natural History or the Children’s Museum of Manhattan, to Symphony Space or the Lincoln Center to listen to pleasant music. Central Park, of course, will offer you amazing walks and picnic places. In Riverside Park, your dog will be able to run from 9 pm to 9 am, which makes this place attractive for people with larger pets. Also here are places for handicraft, toy stores, restaurants and playgrounds. The monthly cost of renting a decent two-bedroom apartment in the area of ​​90th Street starts at $ 3,500, and the purchase of such an apartment will cost at least one million US dollars.

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Park Slope attracts a generation of young intellectuals thanks to affordable and luxurious housing. Public schools in the area have proven themselves well, most restaurants are happy for the presence of children, and the magnificent Prospect Park is always nearby. Fifth and Seventh Avenues are filled with Italian delicacies, new stores, bars and restaurants. As a result, you must have high wages or high income so that you can afford to live here. The cost of renting in a two-room apartment in the area, just a block from Prospect Park, is about 3,000 US dollars. Young families prefer large one-bedroom apartments for about $ 2,100. Buyers have the opportunity to choose among two-bedroom apartments and two bathrooms with an estimated value of 750,000 US dollars, three-bedroom apartments with an estimated cost of $ 929,000 and townhouses with an estimated value of $ 3 million. People who prefer to live in condominiums are encouraged to turn their attention to the buildings on Fourth Avenue.

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The Upper East Side is known for Central Park and the Museum on Fifth Avenue, where you can have a great time on sunny and rainy days. Madison Avenue at night will offer you a city walk through one of the most beautiful places. Upper East Site is a traditional quarter with Fifth Avenue and Park Avenue, attracting wealthy and famous people. One of the things that makes the Upper East Site so attractive to families from around the world is that real estate prices in this quarter vary, which makes living here affordable even for a class above the average. A three-room apartment in a typical co-op costs approximately $ 1.2 million and depends on the location and condition of the building. Tenants wishing to live in this quarter.

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